Concentrated Professional Hard Surface Cleaner

A specialist hard surface cleaner, XtraWash makes light work of ground in dirt on kitchen tiles and external paving and decking.

XtraWash is a superior cleaner designed to deliver an environmentally friendly solution to almost any cleaning job. Using cutting edge technology, XtraWash provides a solution to heavy duty, ingrained dirt jobs. It can be used on all hard surfaces including: concrete, stone, block paving, wood, plastic and painted surfaces. Fully compatible with the Xtra Range. Not for use on marble. When used on stainless steel, rinse off when desired effect is reached. See Technical Data Sheet


Cleans soft surfaces as well as hard surfaces such as carpets. Removes Limescale and has a powerful de-greasing action.

Preparing XtraWash

Adds 60mls of concentrate to 750mls of cold water and mix the solution. Use with a foaming trigger spray. See Instructions for Use

For Initial Exterior Clean

If the exterior surface to be cleaned is heavily soiled, use XtraWash neat. Lightly pre-wet the area to be cleaned with water. Spray the surface with XraWash and agitate using the XtraScrub Pro or a decking brush. If necessary, leave for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water. For heavily soiled areas, repeat if needed.

For Initial Interior Clean

Spray the surface with XtraWash and using the XtraScrub Pro or the Fluid Handle Mop. Finally, clean with water.

For Light Cleaning & General maintenance Cleans

Add 15mls of concentrate to 750mls of cold water and mix the solution. Spray the surface with XtraWash and agitate using a the XtraScrub Pro or the Fluid Handle Mop. Finally, clean with water.

Cleaning Carpet & Fabric Surfaces

IMPORTANT: Test a small hidden area of the carpet or fabric with XtraWash to check for colour fastness of the dyes used in the manufacture.

Carpet Stains

Spray the area of the stain with a minimum amount of XtraWash. If it is a small area, agitate with the XtraWeb agitator and soak up any excess moisture by dabbing the area with an XtraFibre cloth. If the stain is not completely removed, repeat the procedure. Rinse the area with cold water as soon as the stain disappears.

Fabric Stains

Spray the whole of the visible area to be cleaned with XtraWash. This will prevent the formation of water mark rings. Agitate gently with the XtraWeb agitator and, if necessary, spray the stained areas with more XtraWash and further agitate until the stain disappears. Rinse off with fresh cold water as soon as the stain disappears. If the stain does not change in intensity, rinse off immediately and seek another product. Allow to dry naturally. See Safety Data Sheet



Where can this product be predominantly used?

Vehicle Cleaner/outdoor cleaner.

Where should you not use this product?

Stainless Steel and marble.

Why is this product different from others on the market?

XtraWash is fast acting, skin safe and reduces the need for pressure washers.

Why is this product eco-friendly?

This product is biodegradable.

What is the packaging made from?

 Post-Consumer Plastics.

What size containers can this product be purchased in?

 500ml, 1L & 5L. Can also be purchased in Starter Packs.

What harmful ingredients are used in this product?

As with all liquids, prolonged contact with the skin can cause dry/irritated skin.

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