Xtra Range Solutions

While our products are incredibly easy to use, to get the most out of them we suggest you check out our range of short ‘how to guides’.


Just a few sprays of this amazing general purpose cleaner and a quick wipe will leave virtually any surface clean and smear-free.


XtraProtect is a sanitiser that eliminates bacteria and virus’s within 30 seconds of application. Certified to BSEN:1276/14476. Suitable for use where bacteria and viruses accumulate and a thorough clean is paramount, XtraProtect offers residual protection for up to eight days.


Powerful degreaser that can be used on a wide range of surfaces including kitchen worktops, grills, walls and floors to shift tough stains, grease, oil and fat for a superior clean.

XtraProtect Food Safe

Perfect for keeping your kitchen surfaces sanitised and safe, our QAC-free sanitiser is designed for food preparation areas. Certified to BS EN: 1276 and works with a 30 second contact time.


A safe but highly active limescale remover, XtraScale makes light work of bathroom and toilet cleaning. It’s triple action formula eliminates limescale, removes stains and neutralises odours.


Streak-free glass and furniture polish which repels dust and resists fingerprints for a long-lasting finish.


An extremely effective odour neutraliser, XtraBreeze works by trapping, absorbing and eliminating unpleasant odours, rather than masking them, leaving behind a natural fresh fragrance.


A specialist hard surface cleaner, XtraWash makes light work of ground in dirt on kitchen tiles and external paving and decking.


A specialist leather cleaning product, XtraHide can be used to bring old, tired leather back to life. Solvent and abrasive free, the effective formula includes conditioners and gets to work to deeply clean and condition leather.