Sanitising Solutions for a Vending Machine

Aqua Air’s XtraProtect hand and touch point sanitiser is the perfect product to stock in your vending machine or to spray on the outside to ensure surfaces remain sanitised, clean and safe to use.

See our video below showing how to sanitise your vending machine to ensure it is safe and fit for use.

XtraProtect Sanitiser

XtraProtect is our lab tested sanitiser which is able to both sanitise and clean.

  • British made and lab tested to protect against all bacteria and enveloped viruses,
    including Coronavirus.
  • Able to sanitise surfaces, even if soiled
  • Non alcohol based so safe to use around electric equipment*
  • Solves the dual need to sanitise hands and touch point
  • For use at home, out shopping, at work, in the gym and on the go
  • Non flammable, safe to transport and store
  • 30 Second antibacterial kill
  • 100ml Vending Option
  • Sanitise and Clean your machines
  • Biodegradable

This is the perfect  solution for stocking in your vending machine or sanitising touch
panels on the machine.

*XtraProtect is safe around electric equipment and won’t be ignited by static, but it should not be poured on to wiring carrying a charge.

A Holistic Offering

Along with our cleaning range we also supply clients with a range of marketing material to help them communicate to their customers that their space is clean and sanitised. Examples include stickers for vending machines.

We sell a full range of cleaning supplies to cater for any surface so please contact us to find out how we can help you clean and sanitise your space

The benefits of XtraProtect vs. some of our competitors active ingredients

We know there are a number of products out there all claiming to be the perfect sanitiser. Here at Aqua Air we are committed to ensuring our staff and clients have the information on hand to make an informed decision. The table to the right outlines the ingredients of some of our main competitors and potential risks. 

If you do have any questions about how XtraProtect compares to any competing product please feel free to mail for more information.

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