The Aqua Air System

The Aqua Air System banner

Each Aqua Air product has been designed to work in harmony with, and enhance the effects of other Aqua Air products – this is the Aqua Air System For example: 

  • To remove ingrained stains from carpets, apply Xtra Clean to break down the organic material, agitate with the XtraWeb Agitator and extract with the Pro-Aqua - no need to rinse and no sticky residue. 
  • To remove limescale effectively and safely on the skin and without damage or scratching the surface simply apply XtraScale with the XtraWeb Agitator. 
  • To kill and prevent the spread of infections, viruses and bacteria quickly and effectively, spray XtraProtect and apply with the XtraFibre cloths for maximum surface area impact. 
  • To make your external tiles, decking or paving look “as new” - simply apply Xtra Wash with the XtraScrubPro and wash off with normal water – no need for damaging pressure washers!