Commercial kitchens, such as within a restaurant or hotel, see a lot of action and over the course of a day can quickly show the signs of heavy use.

A key priority when it comes to a commercial kitchen is of course health and safety, with so many people eating the food prepared in the area, ensuring it is hygienically clean is a must. Doing this is in a way which is efficient is essential in a busy working environment, such as a professional kitchen, and opting for multi-tasking products is a great way to ensure every surface is cleaned properly.

Developed with hardworking kitchens in mind is XtraPower which, thanks to its powerful formula, makes light work of lifting grease, oil and fat.

Suitable for use as a general-purpose cleaner, XtraPower can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including extractor hoods, grills and ovens and makes a cost-effective addition to any cleaning kit.

In any kitchen, but particularly professional settings, cleaning the oven is a chore that can be easy to put off.

Check out our key reasons why regularly cleaning your oven is a must:

  • Trapped grease and oil can find its way onto heating elements, which in turn can lead to smoking. With the potential to set off smoke alarms, this excess of smoke can also affect the taste of the food.
  • Your professional oven represents a significant investment and as such should be well-maintained. Allowing it to become clogged with grease could lead to problems with its functionality.
  • In the kitchen timing is everything and being able to keep an eye on what’s cooking is useful in ensuring food doesn’t become overcooked. Keeping the oven’s window clear and grease-free will help with this.
  • A clean kitchen is what customers would expect and in being clean, well-ordered and organised, staff are free to concentrate on what matters – producing excellent food.

If you are tasked with cleaning up in the kitchen, check out how to clean the oven the Aqua Air way…

  • Put newspaper down to protect the floor and/or surfaces.
  • Remove any debris from inside the oven.
  • Using your Aqua Air cloths and agitators, apply XtraPower as per the instructions.
  • Leave windows open to allow ventilation and to allow grease and fat smells to dissipate.

As well as tackling grease, oil and fat, XtraPower can also be used on burnt on food spills, making cleaning up even easier. 100% biodegradable and supplied in concentrate form, it is also a cost-effective, sustainable choice.

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