XtraProtect FoodSafe 750ml

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A QAC-free bio-based sanitiser with excellent cleaning and sanitising properties for use in food preparation areas where high levels of hygiene are paramount. Certfied to BS EN 1276 with a 30 second contact time

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“Key Features & Benefits
Developed for use on food
preparation surfaces.
Quickly and safely cleans and
sanitises almost any surface.
Laboratory tested to BS EN 1276
with a 30 second contact time
QAC – free.
Main active ingredient produced by
fermentation of sugar.
Works at low temperatures e.g.
chilled rooms.
Biodegradable with excellent
environmental footprint.
Safe on skin.

Primarily developed for use in food
preparation areas, worktops,
equipment etc., and where hygiene
standards are paramount.

Available in
750ml ready to use
750ml x case of 6”

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