Decitex Universal Mop

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We offer a range of mop accessories, designed to help clean an assortment of flooring types. View below for futher information.

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Decitex Universal Mop, with its higher proportion of microfibre, this mop
helps to boost efficiency as it easily glides over floor surfaces. The front of the mop, with its alternating
design, removes dirt, while the 100% microfibre rear captures it and absorbs grease. A perfect finish in a single

Dispomop® 50cm, is designed to remove bacteria, the Dispomop®’s 100% polyester microfibre
captures bacteria, eliminating 99.999% of bacteria from surfaces.

Dry Dispomop® Yellow is 100%
microfibre, the dry Dispomop® works by electrostatic effect, attracting dust like a magnet. Made from gauze that
is nearly three times thicker than a soaked gauze, it has been designed to last and never tears. It can be placed
onto a classic Velcro device equipped with a PAD.

Dispomop® 3D Ultimate Blue offers a 50 wash-life guarantee, even in extreme conditions such
as use with bleach, high washing or drying temperatures, the Dispomop® 3D is available in a choice of

Fluid Premium Handle (Blue) is slender and elegant. The handle boasts perfect balance by distributing the weight
of the liquid along the handle. Weighing just 600g, it has been ergonomically designed down to the smallest
detail, including its rotary handle and globe to accompany the movements of the wrists. The ring opening reveals
the filling aperture positioned along the handle for easy access under the tap.

Telescopic Handle (Grey) 160cm accounts for variants in height. This telescopic handle can be
adjusted ensuring everyone can work comfortably, whether cleaning floors, walls or ceilings.

Alu Frame Universal 40cm is durable and lightweight. The frame is easy to store and as it is made up of separate
pieces, parts such as Velcro strips, Velcro top, nozzles, ball joints, can all be easily replaced, extending its

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