Christmas Cleaning Hamper

£31.34 £24.00 (Price excl. VAT: £20.00)



* XtraProtect Foodsafe

* XtraPower+

* XtraBreeze

* 2 x XtraFibre Cloths

* 2 x XtraWeb Agitators




Get Ready for Christmas with our Christmas Cleaning Hamper

The Aqua Air Christmas Cleaning Hamper brings you seven great products in one. It combines some of our most popular eco cleaning products along with cloths and agitators in one handy package. It makes a great Christmas present or a handy pre-Christmas gift to help get your home or office in shape for the festive season.

Included in the pack:

XtraPower+ – a powerful degreaser that can be used on a wide range of surfaces including kitchen worktops, grills, walls and floors to shift tough stains, grease, oil and fat for a superior clean. Perfect for preparing the oven ready for Christmas day

XtraProtect FoodSafe – perfect for keeping your kitchen surfaces sanitised and safe, our QAC-free sanitiser is designed for food preparation areas.

XtraBreeze – an extremely effective odour neutraliser.  XtraBreeze works by trapping, absorbing and eliminating unpleasant odours, rather than simply masking them, leaving behind a fresh, natural, long lasting fragrance.

XtraFibre Cloth: High Quality microfibre cloth  that will make your cleaning easier and quicker

XtraWeb Agitator-  To remove those stubborn and difficult to remove stains and spills without damaging the surface



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