We are proud to bring to market the Pro Aqua – a cleaning machine using water separation technology to not only clean hard surfaces thoroughly but also remove dust, allergens and odour from the air – a significant improvement over “filtered” vacuum cleaners.

  • Provides both wet and dry cleaning
  • Unlike vacuum cleaners, quickly removes human and dog hair
  • Benefits allergy sufferers by removing surface and airborne dust and allergens
  • No filters, bags or other parts, reducing long term cost
  • Removes stains and odours, including mould
  • Removes allergens from fabrics, carpets, upholstered surfaces and beds
  • Deep and effective cleaning, reducing cleaning frequency and associated costs

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XtraScrub Pro

The XtraScrub Pro is a scrubber which applies cleaning products gently onto hard and carpeted surfaces for a deep clean. It is light weight and uses contra-rotating cylindrical brushes making it easy to use for unskilled operators.

  • Lightweight
  • Minimal user training
  • Simple cleaning
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Ideal for hard floors, tiles, wood
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Fantastic when used on carpet with XtraClean.

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XtraSweep Pro

The XtraSweep Pro is an extremely strong, long lasting and simple-to-use rechargeable sweeper for indoor or outdoor use where a quick surface sweep is required.

  • No filters.
  • Dual battery for extended use
  • Lightweight
  • Durable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Collects debris of all sizes from carpet and hard floors
  • Folds into small space and has extendable handle.

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XtraRefresh Pro

The XtraRefresh Pro makes odour control and room disinfection a quick and simple process. Using a triple nozzle with two stage action. An adjustable output valve determines the micron particle size which can be directed in a controlled manner over 9 meters. Highly versatile, the machine will allow fogging with both fragranced and non – fragranced solutions. Ideal for Hotel/Care Home bedrooms, kitchens and any indoor space where odour removal and disinfection are required.


  • Lightweight, Aluminium construction.
  • Droplet size 15 – 30 microns.
  • Spray rate 0 – 30ml per minute depending on droplet size.
  • Dimensions: H: 39cm, W: 22cm, D: 32cm. Weight: 5.4Kg (empty)
  • 240v – standard 3 pin plug.
  • “Plug and Play” operation takes seconds, subject to the area being treated.

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The Airvenue air freshener produces fresh and purified air. The modern innovative design fits perfectly into every space, removing dirty air and dust by collecting particles and suspending these on the water filtration system, purified air is then released back into a room.

Easy to operate, simply fill the glass bowl, add a few drops of your chosen fragrance, plug in and switch on. There is a room temperature display and light programme, operated on the touch pad.

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Xtra AromaVac

The AromaVac has an easily removed bag and filter which can be replaced in seconds.

Creates massive airflow, carrying away large amounts of dirt. The airflow is also directed around the Xtra Aroma Fragrance Tray, emitting a variety of very pleasant aromas to an area. This Xtra Aroma Fragrance tray is positioned on the outside of the machine to avoid any contact with the dirt/dust encapsulated inside the machine.

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