Do you know that your desk could be dirtier than your bathroom?

Did you also know the flu virus can survive on none organic objects such as phones, pens and keyboard for up to three days. As around 80% of infections are transmitted by touch, this makes an office workspace a hotbed for exposure to contagious illnesses.

Keeping a clean desk can help protect yourself from colds, flu and other nasties, as well as minimizing the risk of catching or spreading them to colleagues.

If you’re curious to know which items on your desk are the dirtiest, and you aren’t too squeamish, check out our round up below:

  • ID Badge= 243 X more bacteria than a pet toy
  • Keyboard= 20,598 X more bacteria than a toilet seat
  • Phone= 31,374 X more bacteria than a pen
  • Mouse= 45,670 X more bacteria than a toilet handle*

If you’re thinking twice about eating your lunch at your desk now, don’t worry, as there are a few simple things you can do to clean up your working area.

Taking five minutes every week to wipe down each object with an effective solution such as Aqua Air XtraProtect will make your desk a less hospitable environment for germs and bacteria to thrive and breed.

XtraProtect, one of the eight high-performance products on offer from the Xtra range, kills the likes of MRSA, E-coli and norovorius in 30 seconds, and offers residual protection for up to seven days after.

Along with everything else in the Xtra range, XtraProtect is available now through our website, and we are also offering three desk-sized samples bottles until the 28th February.

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