Many of us know that when it comes to selling our home, creating a good impression from the outset is important. From a well maintained front garden to clean windows, creating that all-important kerb appeal can have an impact on a property’s saleability. Did you know however, that a neat and tidy exterior also matters when it comes to offices and places of business?

The benefits of creating an attractive workplace exterior include:

  • Creating a welcoming environment for clients.
  • Impressing potential employees who in turn could help to boost the business.
  • To create communal areas which can be used for meetings and events.

In the UK, with our changeable weather, it can be difficult to keep on top of external areas which can quickly become covered in debris, moss and mildew. A popular way to clean pathways, patios and other areas is often with a power washer. Thankfully, however, with XtraWash additional equipment is not required as this powerful external cleaner gets to work immediately, lifting dirt and ingrained grime.

Suitable for use on concrete, stone, block paving, buildings and even lighting and windows, with XtraWash it is easy to achieve a comprehensive external clean.

Top tips for cleaning stone floors…

  • Before work begins be sure to sweep thoroughly, removing any loose debris such as leaves and twigs.
  • Following the instructions on the XtraWash bottle, apply the solution.
  • Using a stiff brush work the solution into any areas which have heavy staining.
  • Rinse away and leave to dry.

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