When a spotless finish matters, Aqua Air is preferred by organisations and individuals who:


  • Are committed to offering un-paralleled standards of cleanliness and protection;
  • Take their duty of care for employees, guests and customers as a primary responsibility;
  • Demand fully sanitised environments;
  • Seek to protect and prolong their physical assets’ lustre, appearance and value.


Not only is XtraScale a fantastic limescale remover but it protects our expensive bathroom fittings from damage which would be caused by abrasive cleaning products.

Tina Andrade

I am pleased to say that your products, particularly XtraClean, XtraScale and XtraGlide have blown most of the competition out of the water if I am honest.

Louis Beaumont

Xtra Cleaning products are already saving our team’s valuable time and the excellent results really do speak for themselves!! I personally couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Pat Brammeld

Our franchise owners love the Xtra range and we look forward to partnering with Aqua Air to provide the best quality cleaning to our clients. Jonathan Holden

Our hotel looks and feels as fresh as when we opened about one and a half years ago and we are constantly being complemented on that fact by many of our clients. Anita Baumane

As the health of all the crew and guests is extremely important, we use XtraProtect to sanitise throughout the yacht. We find XtraProtect not only fantastic at cleaning and sanitising all our surfaces but also stopping and preventing the spread of infections and general sickness on board. The good health of our crew is of paramount importance and we feel that the Aqua Air system of cleaning is responsible for helping with this as well as giving us a superyacht to be proud of. All of the Aqua Air products produce that wow factor. Stephen Lloyd

Our Clients

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