From large hotel chains to smaller boutique hotels, both have in common the need to be cleaned to the highest standards, in the shortest amount of time possible. Hotel guests are increasingly discerning about levels of hotel cleanliness and hygiene, and the environmental footprint they leave. XtraClean, XtraGlide and XtraScale have been used and proven to both preserve surfaces, reduce time and cost of cleaning and limit the impact on the environment through concentrates and non-abrasive components. Aqua Airs latest product – XtraWash, will also clean external areas including concrete and stone entrances in seconds creating a fresh-again look, without the need for abrasive chemicals or pressure washers. 


Whether a gym, restaurant or cinema, ensuring a quick, highly effective clean is key for these businesses in creating the right impression for employees and customers and preserving their assets at their best. Aqua Air’s products, in particular XtraClean, XtraProtect and the Pro Aqua Cleaning Machines are perfect and cost effective for a wide range of surfaces and deliver a spotless finish which is non-harmful to the environment, surfaces or users skin. 


The cleanliness of offices and buildings are a reflection of an organisation. Specifically, presenting a truly clean corporate environment sets the right tone for customers and employees, leaving the impression that the organisation cares. Aqua Air products, including XtraClean, XtraGlide and XtraProtect make a real difference and deliver an as-new finish to surfaces and also keep costs down through reducing cleaning times and frequency. 


Aqua Air products including XtraClean and XtraProtect-Food Safe do not rely on harsh chemicals and yet are strong enough to kill germs and bugs very quickly with a long lasting effect – making them ideal for busy educational settings. 


When it comes to medical settings only the highest standards of sanitisation will do. XtraProtect has been developed and independently tested to BS EN: 1276 with an enhanced kill time of 30 seconds relative to the 5 minutes industry requirement. It is proven to kill viruses including Norovirus, MRSA and E-coli with a with a 7 day lasting kill. 

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