Based in Knutsford, Cheshire, Aqua Air is headed by chemist/pharmacist Barry Bladon, and our brand has been built on providing exceptional cleaning products which deliver superior results.

For those not already in the know, we offer a range of cleaning products that have harnessed microbial and polymer science rather than harsh chemicals. This makes us more effective than other cleaning products, but also means we work in harmony with the environment.

Xtra Protect for example, is fully biodegradable, and is independently tested to BS EN: 1276 to kill bacteria and viruses such as MRSA, E-coli and norovirus in 30 seconds, offering residual protection that lasts for up to seven days after use.

From the Xtra range, Xtra Clean, Xtra Protect and Xtra Wash are sold in concentrate, so you need less product per use, cutting down on the wasteful excessive transport of water and packaging waste.

Suitable for use in hotels, care homes, leisure, retail, commercial kitchen, education, medical, marine and domestic settings, the Xtra range is supported by an innovative range of ancillary products. Designed to aid application and extraction, superior surface area microfibre cloths, agitators, liquid dispensers and microfibre mops are great working partners for the Xtra range.

The rebrand has seen us redefine our visuals, and create new-shape, colour coded bottles that make it easier than ever to select the right product from the entire Xtra range, which can all be ordered through the new ecommerce website. You’ll also be able to find educational information and advice on how to use the solution to get the very best results for every task, as well as safety sheets.

Our vision is to redefine cleaning standards by delivering the most effective products and solutions which also act in harmony with the environment, protecting your assets.

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