Do you want to preserve your surfaces and furnishings as brand new?

Do you want truly effective, ecological and economical cleaning solutions?


To bring to market cleaning solutions which raise the bar in cleaning standards, reduce cleaning time and costs and act in harmony with the environment…


Aqua Air is different because we have individually and obsessively developed each one of our products to intensify and enhance performance relative to anything else in the market…


Aqua Air have created each of the Xtra range of cleaning solutions using advanced microbial and polymer science to enhance their effectiveness and environmental impact, avoiding the use of aggressive chemicals…


Aqua Air sources the most effective and innovative cleaning machines, including the revolutionary Pro-Aqua which not only cleans more deeply than any vacuum cleaner but also removes dust and allergens from the air…

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Aqua Air: Supplying Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Today we know more than ever about how we impact the environment and that knowledge gives us a responsibility to do whatever is necessary to minimize the impact we have on our planet. That’s why Aqua Air has developed cleaning products and solutions that are not only incredibly effective and economical but are also eco friendly.

Why are Eco Friendly Products the best choice?

Eco-friendly cleaning products contribute to a healthier lifestyle: one of the main areas that we can still improve at work and at home when trying to go green is to eliminate products containing harmful and toxic chemicals. Products such as cleaning solutions, soaps or anything containing bleach can be be harmful to the environment and over time to the user when used indoors and even outdoors.

To reduce those harmful effects our founder Barry Bladon, former chemist, came up with an eco friendly alternative combining advanced microbial and polymer science. This allows for more environmentally sustainable options for the health and wellbeing of cleaning operatives, customers (in hotels, hospitals, leisure centres, corporate offices, etc.), as well as homeowners. Using the latest microbial and polymer science, Aqua Airs’ products are incredibly effective, economical and will keep you and your family as healthy as possible, reducing risk of skin, eye or respiratory problems associated with other chemical based products and bleaches. Our dedicated brand is Xtra: Xtra products’ advanced formulations provide Xtra effectiveness, Xtra economy and Xtra protection for the environment, your surfaces and cleaning operatives/users. They are therefore the perfect cleaning solutions to use in hospitality, medical, educational or catering environments.

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