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Aqua Air was established in 1994 on a mission to develop and bring to market a range of specialist cleaning products and solutions which raise the bar in cleaning standards and which work in harmony with each other and with the environment.


Each Xtra cleaning product has been uniquely developed to intensify performance, relative to industry competitors. We use advanced microbial and polymer science to leave surfaces exceptionally clean, which is healthier on the skin and kinder to the environment.

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We globally source the latest, state-of-the-art accessories including dust-repellent and high surface area microfibre, mops and non-abrasive agitators - optimising the application and extraction of the Xtra products.

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The XtraSweep Pro is an extremely strong, long lasting and simple-to-use rechargeable sweeper for indoor or outdoor use where a quick surface sweep is required. No filters. Dual battery for extended use.

The XtraScrub Pro is a scrubber which applies the Xtra products gently onto hard and carpeted surfaces for a deep clean. It is light weight and uses contra-rotating cylindrical brushes making it easy to use for all operators.

We have partnered with the manufacturers to bring to market the Pro Aqua - a cleaning machine using water separation technology to not only clean all surfaces thoroughly but also remove dust, allergens and odour from the air - a giant leap forward over “filtered” vacuum sweepers.

Our Xtra Range of cleaning solutions are perfect for your enviroment Simple to use and more importantly, effective & economical.


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